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Woodstock Meditation Wind Chimes, Gongs, and Bells.

For thousands of years, gongs of various types have been influential in both the religious and secular music of many Asian cultures. The brilliant, shimmering sounds have been handcrafted using traditional methods. The beauty and quality of the original Woodstock bells are unmatched and cannot be imitated. We have a large assortment of bells, including Heroic Bells that sound just like distant harbor bells, Temple Bells that were inspired by ancient Chinese bells, and Garden Bells, designed as a musical sculpture for your garden

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Emperor Gong

34.50 10.00 $77.00
Woodstock Hanging Chau Gong - Medium

30.00 13.75 $198.00
Woodstock Healing Gong

30.00 10.00 $78.00
Emperor Gong - Large Black

50.00 13.75 $158.00
Woodstock Healing Chime

34.00 15.00 $69.00
Heroic Windbell-Large

40.00 4.00 $109.00
Encore Water Bell Fountain

5.50 14.50 $82.00
Woodstock Water Bell Fountain

6.00 16.00 $169.00
Woodstock Garden Bell - Large

24.00 13.00 $89.00
Metalworks Bell - Heroic, Large

32.00 6.50 $109.00
Woodstock Metalworks Bell - Heroic, Rust

33.00 6.75 $109.00
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